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imam khomeini

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God honors those who honor Qur’an

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In his speech to Muslims while greeting Ramadan month, Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) said:

The one who recites a verse from the Holy Quran in this month, will take the recompenses as if the one who had recited all the Quran in other months.”

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Teachings of the Quran regarding sins of the tongue

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Faith calls upon us to bring out the best in ourselves and in others. Treating other people with integrity and respect is a sign of a believer.
It is not permissible for a Muslim to spread rumors, gossip, or engage in backbiting one another.

Teachings of the Quran
Islam teaches the believers to validate their sources, and not engage in conjecture. Repeatedly in the Quran, Muslims are warned about the sins of the tongue.
“Do not concern yourself with things about which you have no knowledge. Verily, your hearing, sight, and heart -- all of them will be called to account"[1].

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Islamic Speeches Audio Links

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Commentary on Nudbeh Supplication Audio Lectures 1-10

Commentary on Nudbeh Supplication Audio Lectures 11-20

Commentary on Nudbeh Supplication Audio Lectures 21-30

Interpretation of Dua Kumayl


Marefat Nafs

Shaytaan (devil)

Islamic cosmology

Audio Lecture on Livelihood

Laylatol-Qadr Night Lecture

Praying Allah to reach where?: Audio Lecture

Knowing Quran: Audio Lecture

Asrarol-Quran (Mysteries of Quran): Audio Lectures

Spiritualizing Life - Practical: Audio Lectures

Spiritualizing Life - Theory: Audio Lectures

Reality of Fasting: Audio Lectures

Monajaat Shabaanieh commentary: Lecture

Glorifying Allah Practical & Theoretical Tasbih

Commentary of Dua Sahar Lecture 1

Preparing for Ramadhan (Commentary of hadith of fasting)

Special Lectures on Laylatul-Ghadr:Session 1 - 14 

Hadith of Nafs of Imam Ali (a.s) 

Tafseer Ziarat Ahura-Heaviness of Ashura to Jebrail (Audio Lecture) 

Leghaollah (Seeing God):Senses & Perception (Lecture 1) ***NEW***"

Lectures on Reality of Death ***NEW***"

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A small procession of devoted ones, sobbing with grief, with their faces covered, is quietly moving towards an unknown location to bury someone special, someone they loved. It was a dark night of the third of Jamadi al-Thani, 11th Hijrah in the city of Madina, the city of Prophet Muhammad (saw) just few days after passing away of Prophet Muhammad (saw).[1]

They were Kids with their father and his close friends walking quietly with patience and happy with their Lord over what they went through during last few days. But they were sobbing suppressing their voices, tears were flowing but without a sound, concealing their grief, so that no one can hear them in the dark quiet night they wanted no one in Madina to know about what they were going through...

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Imam Khomeini - Iran - English

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A Shi'ite Anthology

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A Shi'ite Anthology
Title: A shi'ite anthology ‫
Author(s): Sayyid Muhammad Husayn Tabatabai ‫
Translator(s): William C. Chittick
Publisher(s): ‫ Qum ‫ : Ansariyan Publications ‫ , 1989 ‫ = 1368.
Appearance: 152 p

فرمت pdf برای استفاده در سیستم های مختلف  با نمایش ساختار اصلی کتاب


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For A Better Future(200 questions and answers regarding the concerns of the youth , marriage , and children )

This book Contains these titles:
Dedication؛ I begin here؛ Chapter One : What the youth need؛ Chapter Two : Husbands And Wives : sharing lives and seeking happiness؛ Chapter Three : Children are tomorrow�s adults؛ Supplication؛ The Author؛ ENDNOTE

فرمت pdf برای استفاده در سیستم های مختلف  با نمایش ساختار اصلی کتاب


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English Marthia - Tomorrow - English

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Allah Loves You | Agha Alireza Panahian

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الإمامُ الهادیُّ علیه السلام : الإمامُ بَعدی الحسَنُ ، وبعدَ الحسنِ ابنُه القائمُ ، الّذی یَملأُ الأرضَ قِسْطاً وعدلاً كما مُلِئتْ جَوراً وظُلماً .1

479.Imam al-Hadi (AS) said, 'The Imam after me is al-Hasan, and after Hasan his son al-Qaim [lit. the one who will rise], the one who will fill the land with fairness and justice just as it was filled with tyranny and oppression.' 

.بحار الأنوار : دخَلَ العبّاسِیّونَ على‏ صالحِ ابنِ وَصیفٍ ، ودخَلَ صالحُ بنُ علیٍّ وغیرُهُ مِن المُنْحَرِفینَ عن هذهِ النّاحیةِ على‏ صالحِ بنِ وصیفٍ عندَما حُبِسَ أبو محمّدٍ علیه السلام، فقالَ لَه : ضَیِّقْ علیهِ ولا تُوَسِّعْ، فقالَ لَهم صالحٌ: ما أصْنَعُ بهِ، وقد وَكّلْتُ بهِ رُجلَینِ شَرَّ مَن قَدَرْتُ علَیهِ ، فقَد صارا مِن العِبادةِ والصّلاةِ إلى‏ أمرٍ عظیمٍ؟ ! ۱

۴۸۰. Muhammad b. Ismail narrated, 'The Abbasids visited Salih b. Wasif, and Salih b. Ali and a few other deviated people from this location also visited Salih b. Wasif when Abu Muhammad (AS) [Imam al-Askari] was in the prison. He said to him, 'Put him in strict confinement and give him no ease.' Salih replied, 'What more can I do with him when I have assigned two of the most evil men I could find to guard him, and surprisingly those two have turned to worship and prayers [as a result of the Imam]!' ۲


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لإمامُ الجوادُ علیه السلام : إنّ الإمامَ بَعدی ابْنِی علیٌّ، أمرُهُ أمری ، وقَولُهُ قَولی ، وطاعَتُهُ طاعَتی ، والإمامةُ بعدَهُ فی ابنِهِ الحسنِ .1

476.Imam al-Jawad (AS) said, 'Certainly the Imam after me is my son Ali. His command is my command, his word is my word, obedience to him is obedience to me and the Imama after him will rest with his son al-Hasan.' 2

.بحار الأنوار : ذكر الحسن بن محمد جمهور العَمِّی فى كتاب الواحدة قال : حدَّثَنی أخی الحسینُ بنُ محمّدٍ قالَ : كان لی صَدِیقٌ مُؤدِّبٌ لِوُلدِ بَغا أو وَصِیفٍ - الشَّكُّ مِنّی - فقالَ لی : قالَ لی الأمیرُ - مُنْصَرَفَهُ مِن دارِ الخلیفةِ - : حَبَسَ أمیرُ المؤمنینَ هذا الّذی یَقولونَ ابنُ الرِّضا الیومَ ، ودفَعَهُ إلى‏ علیِّ بنِ كَرْكَرٍ، فسَمِعتُهُ یقولُ : أنا أكْرَمُ عَلى اللَّهِ مِن ناقةِ صالحٍ (تَمَتَّعوا فی دارِكُمْ ثَلاثةَ أیّامٍ ذلِكَ وَعدٌ غیرُ مَكذوبٍ)۱، ولیسَ یُفصِحُ بالآیةِ ولا بالكلامِ، أیُّ شی‏ءٍ هذا؟ قالَ: قلتُ: أعَزّكَ اللَّهُ تَوَعّدَ ، انظُرْ ما یكونُ بعدَ ثلاثةِ أیّامٍ.
فلمّا كانَ مِن الغَدِ أطْلَقَهُ واعْتَذرَ إلَیهِ ، فلَمّا كانَ فی الیومِ الثّالثِ وَثَبَ علَیهِ یاغزُ ویَغْلونُ وتامِشُ وجَماعةٌ مَعهُم ، فقَتَلوهُ وأقْعَدوا المُنْتَصِرَ ولَدَهُ خلیفةً .۲

۴۷۷. It is narrated in the book al-Wahida: My brother Husayn b. Muhammad narrated, saying, 'I had a friend who used to teach the child of Bagha or Wasif. ۳ He said to me, 'The governor, on his return from the Caliph's palace said to me, 'Today the commander of the faithful has imprisoned this person known as Ibn al-Rida [i.e. the son of al-Rida] and has handed him over to Ali b. Karkar, and I heard him say, 'I am dearer to Allah than the she-camel of Salih ۴ , so "Enjoy yourselves in your homes for three days that is a promise not untrue!" What he meant by that verse or by his speech is not clear. [He said]: I said, 'May Allah increase your honour, he has made a threat, now see what would happen after three days. 
The next day the caliph freed Ibn al-Rida and apologised. On the third day Yaghiz, Yaghlun, Tamish and a group of people with them assaulted him and killed him, and instated al-Muntasir his son as the Caliph.' ۵


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المناقب لابن شهر آشوب عن صَفوانِ الجَمّالِ : سَألتُ أبا عَبدِاللَّهِ علیه السلام عَن صاحِبِ هذا الأمرِ ، فَقالَ : صاحبُ هذا الأمرِ لا یَلْهو ولا یَلْعبُ . فأقْبَلَ موسى‏ بنُ جعفرٍ وهُو صغیرٌ ومَعهُ عَناقٌ مكّیّة وهُو یقولُ لها : اسجُدی لربِّكِ ، فأخَذَهُ أبو عبدِاللَّهِ فضَمَّهُ إلَیهِ وقالَ : بأبی واُمّی ، لا یَلْهو ولا یَلْعبُ .1

461. Imam al-Sadiq (AS) in reply to Safwan al-Jammal asking about one who holds this position [of Imama], said, 'One who holds this position does not play and nor is he distracted.' Musa b. Jafar, who was then a child entered accompanied by a Makkan she-goat, to whom he was saying, 'Prostrate to your Lord!'. So Abu Abdillah took him and hugged him and said, 'May my parents be your ransom, he never plays and nor is he distracted.' 2

.الثَوبانی : كانَت لأبی الحَسَنِ موسَى بنِ‏جَعفَرٍ علیهما السلام بِضعَ عَشَرةَ سِنَةٍ كُلَّ یَومٍ سَجدَةٌ بَعدَ ابیضاضِ الشَّمسِ إلى وَقتِ الزَّوالِ قالَ : فَكانَ هارونُ رُبَّما صَعَدَ سَطحاً یُشرِفُ مِنهُ عَلى الحَبسِ الَّذی حَبَسَ فیهِ أبا الحَسَنِ علیه السلام فَكانَ یَرى أبا الحَسَنِ علیه السلام ساجِداً فَقالَ للرَّبیعِ : ما ذاكَ الثَّوبُ الَّذی أراهُ كُلَّ یَومٍ فی ذلك المَوضِعِ؟ قالَ : یا أمیرَالمُؤمِنینَ ما ذاك بِثَوبٍ وإنّما هُوَ موسَى بنُ جَعفَرٍ علیهما السلام لَهُ كُلُّ یَومٍ سَجدَةٌ بَعدَ طُلوعِ الشَّمسِ إلى وَقتِ الزَّوالِ ، قالَ الرَّبیعُ : فَقالَ لی هارونُ : أما إنَّ هذا من رُهبانِ بَنی هاشِمٍ ، قُلتُ : فَما لَكَ فَقَد ضَیَّقتَ عَلیهِ فی الحَبسِ ؟! قالَ : هَیهاتَ لابُدَّ مِن ذلك .۱

۴۶۲. Thawbani narrated, 'Abu al-Hasan Musa b. Jafar, for about ten years, performed a single prostration from sunrise until noon. [He continued], 'Harun would sometimes climb onto a roof that overlooked the prison cell wherein he had imprisoned Abu al-Hasan. He would see Abu al-Hasan (AS) in prostration. He asked al-Rabi, 'What is that cloth I see on that spot everyday?' He said, 'O commander of the faithful! That is not a cloth but Musa b. Jafar (AS). He performs a prostration every day from sunrise until noon.' Harun said, 'He is indeed one of the holy men from the Bani Hashim.' I asked, 'Then why have you confined him to captivity?' He said, 'Alas! That is how it must be.'۲

.الإرشاد : رُویَ أنَّهُ (الكاظم علیه السلام) كانَ یَدعو كَثیراً فَیَقولُ : اللَّهمَّ إنّی أسألُكَ الرّاحَةَ عِندَ المَوتِ وَالعَفوَ عِندَ الحِسابِ . وَیُكَرِّرُ ذلك . وَكانَ مِن دُعائِهِ علیه السلام : عَظُمَ الذَّنبُ مِن عَبدِكَ فَلیَحسُنِ العَفوُ مِن عِندِكَ . وَكانَ یَبكی مِن خَشیَةِ اللَّهِ حَتَّى تَخضَلُّ لِحیَتُهُ بِالدُّموعِ . وَكانَ أوصَلُ النّاسِ لأهلِهِ ورَحِمِهِ وَكانَ یَفتَقِدُ فُقَراءَ المَدینَةِ فی اللَّیلِ فَیَحمِلُ إلیهِم (الزَّنبیلَ) فیهِ العَینُ وَالوَرَقُ وَالأدِقَّةُ وَالتُّمورِ فَیوصِلُ إلَیهِم ذلك وَلا یَعلَمونَ مِن أیِّ جَهَةٍ هُوَ .۱

۴۶۴. It is narrated in al-Irshad: 'It is reported that al-Kazim used to supplicate a lot and say, 'O Allah! Indeed I ask You for ease at the time of death and pardon at the time of the account', and he used to repeat this several times. And among his supplications were, 'The sin of Your slave is great, so graceful will be the pardon from You.' He used to weep out of fear of Allah until his beard was soaked with tears. He used to be most diligent with maintaining relations with his family and his kin. He used to visit the poor of Madina at night, for whom he would take a basket of gold, silver, flour and dates. He would deliver all this to them whilst they did not even know where he came from.' 


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بحار الأنوار عن همّام بن نافع ، قال : قال أبو جعفر علیه السلام لأصحابه یوماً : إذا افتَقَدتُمُونی فَاقتَدُوا بِهذا ، فَهُوَ الإمامُ وَالخَلِیفَةُ بَعدی ، وَأشارَ إلى‏ أبی عَبد اللَّهِ علیه السلام .1

455. Bihar al-Anwar, 'Hammam b. Nafi narrated: 'One day Imam al-Baqir (AS) said to his companions: 'When you lose me, follow this man. He is the leader and my successor.' He (AS) then pointed to Abi Abdillah [al-Sadiq] (AS).' 2

456.محمّدَ بنِ مسلمٍ : كنتُ عندَ أبی جعفرٍ محمّدِ بنِ علیٍّ الباقرِ علیهما السلام إذْ دخَلَ جعفرٌ ابنُهُ ، وعلى‏ رأسِهِ ذُؤابةٌ ، وفی یَدهِ عَصاً یَلْعبُ بِها ، فأخَذَهُ الباقرُ علیه السلام وضمَّهُ إلیهِ ضَمّاً ، ثُمّ قالَ : بأبی أنتَ واُمّی ، لا تَلْهو ولا تَلْعبُ . ثُمّ قالَ لی : یا محمّد ، هذا إمامُكَ بَعدی ، فاقْتَدِ بهِ ، واقْتبِسْ مِن عِلمِهِ ، واللَّهِ إنّهُ لَهُوَ الصّادقُ الّذی وَصَفهُ لنا رسولُ اللَّهِ صلى اللَّه علیه وآله . إنّ شِیعتَهُ مَنصورونَ فی‏الدُّنیا والآخِرَةِ .3

456. Muhammad b. Muslim narrated, 'I was in the presence of Abu Jafar Muhammad b. Ali al-Baqir when his son Jafar entered. He had a forelock on his head and had a stick in his hand which he was playing with. Al-Baqir (AS) took him in his arms and hugged him tightly, then said, 'May my parents be your ransom, you are neither distracted, nor do you play.' He then addressed me and said, 'O Muhammad! This is your Imam after me, so follow him and benefit from his knowledge. By Allah, verily he is the truthful one [al-Sadiq] whom the Prophet (SAWA) described to us. Certainly his followers will be victorious in this world and in the Hereafter.' 4

.محمّدَ بن زیادٍ الأزْدیّ : سَمِعتُ مالكَ بنَ أنسٍ فقیهَ المدینةِ یقولُ : كنتُ‏أدخُلُ إلَى الصّادقُ جعفرِ بنِ محمّدٍ علیهما السلام فیُقدِّمُ لی مِخَدَّةً ، ویَعرِفُ لی قَدْراً ویقولُ : یا مالكُ ، إنّی اُحِبُّكَ. فكنتُ اُسَرُّ بذلكَ وأحمَدُ اللَّهَ علیهِ . قالَ : وكانَ علیه السلام رجُلاً لا یَخْلو مِن إحدى‏ ثلاثِ خِصالٍ : إمّا صائماً ، وإمّا قائماً ، وإمّاً ذاكِراً ، وكانَ مِن عُظَماء العُبّادِ ، وأكابِرِ الزُّهّادِ الّذینَ یَخْشَونَ اللَّهَ عزّ وجلّ ، وكانَ كثیرَ الحدیثِ ، طَیِّبَ المُجالَسةِ ، كثیرَ الفوائدِ .۱

۴۵۷. Muhammad b. Ziyad al-Azdi narrated, 'I heard Malik b. Anas, the jurist of Madina say, 'I used to go to visit Jafar b. Muhammad al-Sadiq (AS), and he would place a cushion for me, respect me and say, 'Malik, indeed I like you.' I would be pleased with this comment and would praise Allah for it.' [Malik continued], 'He was a man always disposed to one of three states: either he was fasting, or praying, or engaged in Allah's remembrance. He was among the greatest worshippers, the greatest of abstemious people who fear Allah. He narrated many prophetic traditions, was sociable and friendly to sit with, and had much [for us] to benefit from.' ۲


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   Author: مکبر 3    Issue:(Imam Baqir (as ،

۴۴۸.كفایة الأثر عن مالك بن أعین الجهنی ، قال : أوصى عَلِیُّ بنُ الحُسَینِ علیه السلام إبنَهُ مُحَمَّد بنَ عَلِیّ - صلوات اللَّه علیهما - فَقالَ : یا بُنَیَّ إنِّی جَعَلتُكَ خَلیفَتِی مِن بَعدِی ، لا یَدّعی فیما بَینی وَ بَینكَ أحَدٌ إلّا قَلَّدَهُ اللَّه یَومَ القِیامَةِ طَوقاً مِن نارٍ .۱

۴۴۸. It is narrated in Kifayat al-Athar: 'Ali b. al-Husayn said in his will to his son Muhammad b. Ali: 'My son! I have chosen you as my successor after me. No one would claim what lies between you and me, and if so Allah would suspend a yoke of fire on his neck on the Day of Resurrection.' ۲

۴۴۹.رسولُ اللَّهِ صلى اللَّه علیه وآله - لِجابِرِ بنِ عبدِ اللَّهِ الأنصاریّ - : إنَّكَ سَتَدرُكُ رَجُلاً مِنِّی اسمُهُ اسمی وَ شَمائِلُهُ شَمائِلی یَبقَرُ العِلمَ بَقرَاً .۱

۴۴۹. The Prophet (SAWA) said to Jabir b. Abdullah al-Ansari, 'Soon you will be seeing a man from my household, his name will be my name , his feature will resemble mine, and he will cleave the knowledge deeply.' ۲

۴۵۰.الإمامُ الباقرُ علیه السلام: إنَّ الحَقَّ استَصرَخَنی وَقَد حَواهُ الباطِلِ فی جَوفِهِ ، فَبَقَرتُ عَن خاصِرَتِهِ وَاطَّلَعتُ الحَقَّ عَن حُجُبِهِ حَتَّى ظَهَرَ وَانتَشَرَ ، بَعدَ ما خَفیَ وَاستَتَرَ .۳

۴۵۰.Imam al-Baqir (AS) said, 'Verily the truth, harbouring falsehood in its midst, cried out for assistance from me. I cleaved it open from the side and disclosed the truth from its veils until it became manifest and widespread after having being concealed and hidden.' ۴


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